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(c) FreeFoto.com Welcome to the DDM Computing Bookstore!

Follow the links on the left to our bookstore. You'll find nearly a hundred books to choose from. We offer books on every application in the Microsoft Office System. Books for beginners, books on special topics, and big reference bookswe have them all.

"We hand-pick the books we offer from our sponsor's huge inventory. These are the books we use, and the books we recommend." –DDM

The Big Reference Books

We turn to the big, encyclopedic references when we want an indepth discussion of a topic. Everyone needs at least one big reference book. Two would be better: one for Office and one for our favorite program. We have the best big reference books from all the publishers.

The Visual, Hands-on Introductions

When it comes to learning a new program, we're partial to the visual approach. We like step by step instruction with lots of screenshots. We have the best of those.

The Others

Everyone has a learning style. The books we offer cater to many different learning styles. Whatever your style, you'll find something here.

Special Topics

We look for the best of the books that deal with specific subjects, such as Access database development, or Excel worksheet functions, and offer them here.


We also have Microsoft Office 2003 (all the editions) and all the programs.

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