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Creating Scrolling Credits

It�s easy to create a scrolling list of credits in PowerPoint. All you have to do is put your credits in a text box and use the Custom Animation feature's Crawl From Bottom effect to animate them. Here�s how:

  1. Select the Text Box containing your credits (either highlight all the text or click the border of the Text Box itself).

  2. Select Custom Animation from the Slide Show toolbar.

  3. On the Effects tab in the Custom Animation dialog box, select Crawl and From Bottom from the drop-down lists.

  4. Click the Preview button to preview the effect. Make any corrections or changes, then click OK

For a really eye�catching effect, let your credits scroll right off the top of the slide. To do this, just place the text box containing the credits above the slide, rather than on it. Then run your slide show, and watch your credits scroll on by.

(Posted 12/23/2000)