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Aligning Bullets and Text in a Multi-Level List

In PowerPoint, as in life itself, the details make all the difference. And one detail that separates a truly �finished� presentation from one that is not is the way text and bullets line up on a multi-level, bulleted list slide. The bullets at one outline level should line up on the left with the text at the next higher level. Edit the Slide Master to make sure that happens on every bulleted list slide in your presentation. Here�s how:

  1. Make sure the ruler is displayed. If it isn�t, select Ruler from the View menu.

  2. Display a bulleted list slide then select Master from the View menu, then Slide Master from the submenu.

  3. Click anywhere in the bulleted list area. You�ll see five sets of indent markers on the ruler at the top of the screen.

  4. Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the second upper indent pointer so it lines up directly over the first lower indent pointer. That will line up your second-level bullets with the left edge of your first-level text.

  5. Repeat for each of the next three upper indent pointers, lining each of them up with the lower indent pointer immediately to its left.

  6. Click the Close button on the Master toolbar, or click the Slide View button in the lower left corner of the screen to close the Slide Master.

(Posted 07/28/2000)