Working with Text

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Using the Ruler to Adjust Text Indentation

To line up your text just right, use the indent settings on the ruler. (If you don't see the ruler, select Ruler from the View menu.) Click in a block of bulleted text to see the indent settings for that block. Pay careful attention to the indent pointers (the diamond-shaped gray buttons) that appear on the ruler when you click the text. One set of pointers will appear for each outline level in the block.

The pointers at the top of the ruler (the ones that point down) control where your bullets line up or, if you've formatted the text to No Bullet, where the text itself begins. The pointers at the bottom of the ruler control the distance from the bullet to the beginning of the text, as well as how far the second line of text in each paragraph is indented.

Drag the indent pointers to the left or right to adjust the indent settings for all text at that outline level. Hold down the Ctrl key as you drag to position them precisely (otherwise they jump in fixed increments). Note the small square buttons under the bottom pointers. When you drag one of these buttons left or right, both the upper and lower pointers move with them.

(Posted 07/28/2000)