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Creating Out of Office Rules

An out of office rule tells Outlook what to do with your mail while you're out of the office. (This is different from an out of office reply, which simply lets others know you're out of the office.) You can use an out of office rule to tell Outlook to send all your mail to your assistant, for example.

To create an out of office rule, select Out of Office Assistant from the Tools menu. Click Add Rule. Under When a message arrives that meets the following conditions, specify the conditions of the rule that the message must meet for the action to occur. To specify more conditions, click Advanced, select the options you want, then click OK. Under Perform these actions, select the actions you want to perform. You can select multiple actions. If you specify that a message should be deleted, rules that follow the delete rule don't affect the message (because it's not there any more).

(Posted 6/2/00)