Working with Outlook

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Displaying Outlook Components in Separate Windows

Outlook displays only one component at a time in its window. So, for example, if you click the Contacts icon in the Outlook bar, the Contacts component will appear in the information area (the right side of the window). If you then click the Calendar icon, the Calendar component will replace the Contacts component in the information area.

But what if you want to see them both at the same time?

To view two (or more) components at once, just display them in separate windows. To do this, right-click the desired componentís icon in the Outlook bar or Folder List. Then, from the shortcut menu, select Open in New Window.

Multiple windows help you avoid switching back and forth between components. For instance, you can use this technique to display Calendar in two different windows so you can compare your schedule for two different months. Also, you can drag and drop items between components in separate windows.