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Adding an Outlook Calendar Shortcut to Your Start Menu

If you use Outlook's Calendar to schedule your daily appointments, you might want to create a shortcut to the Calendar on your Start menu. This way, you can easily open your Calendar by choosing an option from the Start menu.

To add a shortcut to your Start menu, first resize Outlook's window so that you can see your Windows desktop and taskbar. Then, display the Outlook Folder list by selecting Folder List from the View menu. Drag the Calendar icon from the list and drop it onto your Desktop. Next, drag the shortcut from your Desktop onto the Start button on your taskbar. A Calendar option should appear at the top of your Start menu. You can use this technique to provide quick access to other Outlook folders, such as Contacts or Inbox.

To delete the shortcut on your Desktop, select the shortcut, press Delete, and click OK to confirm. To delete the Start menu option, right-click the Start button, select Open, and delete the icon.