Working with Contacts

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Adding a Field to a Card View

The Address Cards and the Detailed Address Cards views are probably the two that most people use most of the time to display their contacts. You can add fields to either of these card views if you need to display information that Outlook doesn't already. Here's how:

  1. Select Current View from the View menu, then Customize Current View from the submenu (In Outlook 2003, pull down the View menu and click Arrange By, then Current View, then Customize Current View...).

  2. In the View Summary dialog box, click the Fields button.

  3. In the Show Fields dialog box, select a field from the Available Fields box and click Add. (If the field you want is not in the Available fields box, click a different field set in the Select available fields from box.)

  4. Repeat the procedure for other fields, if necessary. Click OK when finished.

  5. Click OK to save the changes to the view.