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Using the Office Clipboard (Office 2003): Clipboard Options

Select Office Clipboard... from the Edit menu to display the Office Clipboard.

Click the Options button at the bottom of the clipboard to display a menu of clipboard options. Select an option to turn it on or off.

See the table below for an explanation of what each option does.


This option...

does this...

Show Office Clipboard Automatically Automatically displays the clipboard whenever you copy at least two items.
Show Office Clipboard When CTRL+C Pressed Twice Automatically displays the clipboard whenever you press CTRL+C twice.
Collect Without Showing Office Clipboard Automatically copies items to the clipboard without displaying it.
Show Office Clipboard Icon on Taskbar Displays the Office Clipboard icon in the status area of the system taskbar when the clipboard is displayed.
Show Status Near Taskbar When Copying Displays the "Item collected" message when an item is copied to the clipboard.

(Posted 06/21/2004)