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Using the Office Clipboard (Office 2003): Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keystrokes to navigate the Office Clipboard and paste items from the clipboard into your documents. (Using the keyboard, as we've said elsewhere, is often more efficient than using the mouse.)

Here are the keystrokes to use when the Office Clipboard is open:

Press Alt to activate the Menu bar.

Press Ctrl+Tab to cycle through the toolbars until the Office Clipboard is activated.

When the Clipboard is active, press Tab or Shift+Tab to navigate. This will cycle through Paste All, Clear All, the items to paste area, and Options (not shown to the left).

In the items to paste area, press Up or Down Arrow to navigate.

To access the drop-down menu options for an item to paste, press Alt+Down Arrow. Press Up or Down Arrow to navigate the drop-down menu. Press Enter to invoke a menu command, or Esc or Alt to dismiss the menu.

To paste an item without using the drop-down menu, use the Up and Down Arrow keys to highlight the item and press Enter.

When you're finished using the Office Clipboard, press Alt until no menus or toolbars are active.

(Posted 06/18/2004)