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Entering Your User Information

If you share your Office documents over a network, you’ll want to make sure everyone knows who you are. This is especially so when you and your colleagues collaborate in preparing Office documents. If, for example, someone makes a change to a Word document with the Track Changes feature turned on, you’ll all want to know just who it is who's making the change.

You can identify yourself to other users by entering your user information. Office makes this information available to all Office applications. It identifies you when you use such features as Track Changes in Word or Comments in Excel.

You can enter your user information from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Here’s how you’d do it from Word:

  1. Select Options from the Tools menu.

  2. In the Options dialog box, select the User Information tab.

  3. Enter the information in the Name and Initials fields.

  4. If you want to, you can enter your address in the Mailing address field (Word uses this information when you do envelopes).

  5. Click OK.

You only have to enter this information once. Just remember to come back and update it whenever any of the information, such as your mailing address, changes.

(Posted 07/14/2001)