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Finding Files from the Open Dialog Box

You probably know that you can use the Find feature, available from the Windows Start menu, to locate files and folders on your computer. You may not know that your Office 2000 application has a similar feature hidden in the Open dialog box. You might want to use it rather than the one on the Start menu, because the Find feature in your Office 2000 application is set automatically to look for files of the type you create in that application, so it should be a little more efficient.

The Find feature is both flexible and powerful. It offers lots of ways to find the file you’re looking for. Let’s work through an example. Suppose you wanted to locate a Word document that contains the phrase “personal finance,” stored somewhere on drive C. Here’s what you’d do:

  1. Select Open from the File menu (or click the Open button on the Standard toolbar) to display the Open dialog box.

  2. In the Open dialog box, click the Tools button (the last button at the top), and select Find.

  3. In the Find dialog box, under Define more criteria, set the Property field to “Contents” and the Condition field to “includes phrase.” In the Value field, type “personal finance.”

  4. Click Add to List.

  5. Set the Look in field to “C:\” and check the Include subfolders box.

  6. Click Find Now.

After a moment, the files that meet the criteria appear in the Open dialog box.

Play with the Find feature and you’ll see that you can use it to find files based on many different criteria.