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Sorting Files in the Open Dialog Box

The Open dialog box in most Office 2000 applications offers several useful ways to help you to manage files. Suppose, for instance, you update some files regularly. You want to keep track of which files you’ve updated recently, so you’ll know which ones you still have to do. Assuming all these files are in the same folder, the Open dialog box can help. All you have to do is sort the contents of the folder by date, rather than by filename. Here's how:

  1. Select Open from the File menu (or click the Open button on the Standard toolbar) to display the Open dialog box.

  2. In the Open dialog box, click the arrow to the right of the Views button (the next-to-last button at the top), and select Details.

  3. The contents of the current folder will be displayed under four column headings: Name, Size, Type, and Modified. Click the Modified heading to sort on that column.

The files will be sorted by the date they were last modified, with the most recent at the bottom. Click the column heading again so the most recent date comes to the top. Scroll through the files by date, and you will see which ones you have updated and when.

Your files remain sorted this way until you change the settings again.

(Posted 01/01/2001)