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Using the Clipboard Toolbar (Office 2000)

The Clipboard toolbar, available in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, lets you store up to 12 items that you can paste, individually or as a group, into the same application or any other that supports the Clipboard toolbar.

Here’s how it works. In Excel, PowerPoint, or Word, select Toolbars from the View menu, then Clipboard from the submenu to display the Clipboard toolbar. To copy an item to the Clipboard toolbar, switch to the application that contains the item, select it, and cut or copy it.

There are 12 slots for copied items on the Clipboard toolbar. An item you cut or copy will occupy one of these slots. An icon will represent the item. Rest the mouse pointer on an icon to see the first 50 characters of an item that contains text, or an identifier such as “Picture 1” for one that doesn’t.

To paste an item from the Clipboard toolbar, switch to the application that you'll paste the item in, click where you want to paste the item, and click the icon on the Clipboard toolbar that corresponds to the item you want to paste (or click Paste All to paste them all).

The Clipboard toolbar will appear in any application that supports it. If you switch to an application that doesn’t support it, the Clipboard toolbar won’t appear, but you can still cut or copy items to it. However, you’ll only be able to paste the last item you cut or copied, until you switch to an application that does support the Clipboard toolbar.

(Posted 09/23/2000)