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Office Integration (Office 2000)

In a perfect world, all the Microsoft Office applications would be completely integrated and fully compatible. In that world, you’d be able to slip an Access report into a binder along with a Word document, or insert your Outlook calendar into a Publisher publication. Wouldn’t that be great?

Face it: That perfect world will probably never arrive, and it isn’t really reasonable to expect complete integration or full compatibility among all the applications in the suite anyway. They are very different, after all.

That said, note that some features that ought to be implemented in every Microsoft Office application aren't. As the table shows, the Office Assistant doesn't appear in every application, and the Clipboard toolbar only appears in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Also, some applications aren't compatible with Microsoft Binder.


Office Assistant appears?

Clipboard Toolbar available?

Compatible with Binder?

Access 2000


Excel 2000

FrontPage 2000


Outlook 2000


PhotoDraw 2000


PowerPoint 2000

Publisher 2000


Word 2000

(Posted 09/23/2000)