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If your site offers free content such as tips, tricks, articles, code samples, or downloads for Microsoft Office or any of its component programs, we'd be delighted to consider you for our link library. Please read on.

Step One: Link to Us

First, we ask that you include us in your link library. To link to us, please use the ready-made code in the box below.

DDM's Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks - The hints, tips, and tricks you need to help you make the most of Microsoft Office.


<a href="http://www.ddmcomputing.com" Target="_blank"><b>DDM's Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks</b></a> - The hints, tips, and tricks you need to help you make the most of Microsoft Office.

Step Two: Help Us Link to You

Next, we ask that you fill out and submit this link request form. Please note:

  • We consider every request carefully, but we don't guarantee that we'll accept your request.

  • We'll act on your request promptly, and we'll let you know what we decide.

  • If we accept your link request, we'll try to have your link up within 24-48 hours.
Type: New Link   Correction to Existing Link
Site Name:
Brief Description:
Your Name:
Your E-mail:
Reciprocal URL: Please provide the entire URL where we can find your link to this website.

Note that if your site is truly exceptional, we'll link to you even if you don't link to us.

(But hey. DDM is only human. He's more likely to accept your link request if your home page has a visible link to your link page and you provide a reciprocal link.)

Thank you for your submission!

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