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(c) FreeFoto.com Welcome to our "links" area!

Follow the links on the left to the resources that will help you make the most of Microsoft Office, or read about what our links area has to offer here.

We want to make this area the best collection of free Office-related links anywhere. Not necessarily the biggest or the most comprehensive, but simply the best. If you know of any Office-related resource that we might list on our site, please let me know about it.

Office-Related Websites

This page has links to websites that offer useful information in the form of hints, tips, tricks, and techniques for Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word, as well as Office itself. Many of the sites listed also have sample files you can download. And we list a few sites of related interest.

Office-Related Communities

This page has links to Office-related communities such as Internet newsgroups, online discussion forums, and user groups.

Free Newsletters and Tips

This page has links to free Office-related newsletters and tips.


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