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Browse this page for links to Microsoft-sponsored Internet Newsgroups, independently-owned Internet Discussion Forums, and Microsoft's Mindshare User Group Support Program.

We want to make this page the best collection of free Office-related links anywhere. Not necessarily the biggest or the most comprehensive; simply the best. If you know of any Office-related resource that we might list here, please let us know about it.

If you find any bad or broken links on this page, please let us know about it.

Internet Newsgroups

Microsoft sponsors the newsgroups we've listed below. Post a question to one of them and you just may get a reply from a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, an expert in the application you're using.

Don't know what newsgroups are? Read about Microsoft's newsgroups in an article from Microsoft Product Support.

Access Newsgroups

General Questions Database Security ODBC Client/Server
Getting Started External Data Query Structures
ActiveX Controls Forms Reports
Command Bar User Interface Forms Coding Setup/Configuration
DAO/VBA Modules Internet Questions and Answers Table Design
Data Access Pages Macros Third Party Software
Database Conversions Multiple Users Working with other Software
Database Replication    


Excel Newsgroups

General Questions Issues With Other Software Programs Query DAO
Getting Started Links Setup
Charts Miscellaneous Issues Software Developers Kit
Conversion Issues Lotus 123 & Quattro Pro Printing Templates
Data Map Programming Worksheet Functions
General Protection Fault Errors    


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Office Newsgroups

Inter-/Intranet-related Issues Office Development Setup
Miscellaneous Issues Office Update XML Support


Outlook Newsgroups

Getting Started Installation Program Forms
Business Contact Manager Interoperability Programming VBA
Calendar Outlook Fax Team Folders
Contacts Printing Third Party Utilities
General Questions Program Add-Ins  


PowerPoint Newsgroups

General Questions    


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Word Newsgroups

General Questions Mail Tables
Getting Started Mail Merge VBA Add-Ins
Application Errors Numbering VBA: Customization
Conversions OLE Interoperability VBA: General Questions
Customizing Menus and Toolbars Page Layout VBA: Getting Started
Drawing Graphics Printing Fonts VBA: User Forms
Formatting Long Documents Setup Networking Web Authoring
Internet Assistant Spelling and Grammar  


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Online Forums

Online discussion forums are similar to Internet newsgroups, but they are hosted by websites. The following forums are useful to users at all levels.


A Bit Better Corporation hosts the "Bit Better Bulletin Board," a PowerPoint-related forum.


Exceltip.com sponsors the "Excel Help Forum" for questions on (what else?) Excel.

Microsoft Access Help Center

A forum for questions on Microsoft Access.


MrExcel.com sponsors the "MrExcel Message Board," an online forum for questions on Access and Excel.

Utter Access Discussion Forums

UtterAccess sponsors online forums for questions and answers on Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word.

Woody's Office Portal

Microsoft Office guru Woody Leonhard sponsors �Woody�s Lounge,� an online forum for questions and answers on Microsoft Office as well as the individual Office applications. To join, go to  Woody's Office Portal and follow the link to �Woody�s Lounge.�

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User Groups

A local user group can be a great resource. If you have a question or problem, chances are somebody in the group can give you an answer or help you find a solution. Some user groups have their own Web sites and discussion forums.

Microsoft sponsors a national registry of user groups. Go to the Mindshare User Group Support Program Home Page to locate a user group near you.

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