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Creating a New “New” Button

First, a quick review:

Now wouldn’t it be nice if whenever you wanted to create a document based on some template other than, you could click a button, rather than go through the menu? You’d need two New buttons on the toolbar for that, wouldn’t you? Yes, you would.

Here's how to put a second New button, one you can click to create a document based on a template other than, on the toolbar:

  1. Right-click any toolbar and select Customize from the shortcut menu.

  2. Click the Commands tab.

  3. Under Categories, select File.

  4. Under Commands, find New... (the command with the dots) and drag it to the Standard toolbar, placing it right next to the New button.

You now have two New buttons. Now, to create any new document, all you have to do is click a toolbar button. But there’s a slight problem: How do you tell which New button is which, when both of them have the same picture?

Of course, you can’t. So let’s change the picture on the button we just added. Here’s how:

  1. With the Customize dialog box still open (if you closed it, right-click any toolbar and select Customize), right-click the "new" New button on the Standard toolbar.

  2. Select Edit Button Image from the shortcut menu.

  3. Click the Black button in the color palette.

  4. Draw three dots at the bottom of the page image.

  5. Click OK.

As a finishing touch, let’s change the tooltip that appears when you rest your mouse pointer over the button. Here’s how:

  1. With the Customize dialog box still open, right-click the New button again.

  2. In the shortcut menu, go to the Name field, delete the text in the white box, and enter “New Document from Template” (no quotes, you knew that) there instead.

  3. Press Enter.

  4. Click OK.

Now, to create a new document based on template, click the New button without the dots. To create one based on any other template, click the New button with the dots, then select your template.

(Posted 09/23/2000)