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Changing Object Names

Weve been using Access for several years now, and wed always been skittish about making changes to the design of a table once wed created queries, forms, or reports based on it. Trouble was, whenever we changed the name of a field, wed have to go through all the queries, forms, and reports and update them manually. That was a chore. We dont even want to talk about what happened whenever we found it necessary to change the name of a table.

Now that we use Access 2000, our life is much easier. Now, whenever we change the name of an object a field, text box, table, query, form, report, whatever the new Name AutoCorrect feature automatically updates dependent objects.

Just the other day, we created a table. Then we created a query, a form, and a report based on that table. Just to see what would happen, we changed the name of one of our fields. When we ran our query, it worked just fine. When we looked at the query design, we saw that Access had updated the field name for us. Then we changed the name of the table itself. Again, our query, form, and report worked just fine. Thank you, Access 2000! Thank you! Thank you!

(Posted 01/01/2001)