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Linking to an Outlook Contacts Folder

The Link Exchange/Outlook Wizard, new in Access 2000, lets you import or link to an Outlook folder. You can use it to set up a link from an Access database to your Outlook Contacts folder or Personal Address Book. Then you can easily share information between the two.

To launch this wizard, select Get External Data from the File menu, then Link Tables from the submenu. In the Files of type list, select Exchange or Outlook. Work your way through the wizard. When you’re finished, you’ll see the icon representing the linked Outlook folder in your database window.

If you set up a link to your Outlook Contacts folder, you’ll be able to update your contacts from either Access or Outlook. From Access, you’ll be able to run queries on your contacts or put them into a report formatted exactly the way you want it.

(Posted 12/23/2000)