Working with Database Files

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Renaming a Database

It’s easy to rename an Access database – all you have to do is change the name of the .mdb file. You can do this from My Computer or the Windows Explorer, or even from Access itself. 

Here’s how to rename a database from within Access:

  1. Close the database file, if it’s open.

  2. Select Open Database from the File menu.

  3. Find the file in the Open dialog box and right–click it.

  4. Select Rename from the shortcut menu.

  5. Type a new name for the database file.

  6. Press Enter.

Before you rename your database, think about this: Access doesn’t automatically update links. If any other database links to a table in the database you rename, you’ll have to open that other database and redo the links. (Use the Linked Table Manager Add–In to do this.) Ditto for links to any other objects in your database.

(Posted 12/23/2000)